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Australia Wagyu - Bone in Striploin MBS 4-5

Sirloin steaks are cut from the rump end of the striploin, located along the spine in the hindquarter and running from the ribs to the rump. Coming from muscles that do less work, sirloin steaks have less fat and connective tissue making them lean, notably tender and juicy. This popular cut is best cooked using high temperature methods. Sirloin steaks can also be thinly sliced for use in stir-fries.

Storage: Keep frozen

About Killara


Killara, Aboriginal meaning “permanent”, or “always there”, is our flagship brand, offering customers premium-grade quality beef, all sourced from our Elders Australian feedlot in Quirindi, New South Wales.

Killara wagyu beef is sourced from Central and Northern New South Wales using the Elders branch network as the preferred supplier. The wagyu beef are grain fed using no added hormones on a specially designed diet of feed grains to generate the highly marbled characteristics of wagyu beef. Grain is sourced through Elders and from individual producers in close proximity to the feedlot. Elders Killara feedlot supply safe, sustainable and quality product using the latest knowledge, science and technology.

Elders has been associated with the Killara feedlot since 1998 and moved to 100% ownership in April 2010. Killara Feedlot is located at Quirindi, New South Wales and focuses predominantly on the British type cattle, with a capacity for 20,000 head. The Killara feedlot supplies cattle to both the domestic and export markets with feeding programs ranging from 60 days through to in excess of 365 days. The Elders Killara Feedlot is committed to supplying a safe, sustainable and quality product using the latest knowledge, science and technology. Our integrity and commitment to this is second to none with Killara Feedlot.

Elders Killara operates under a stringent HACCP program that extensively manages Safety, Quality and Environmental protection to ensure compliance to all legislative and regulatory requirements. Elders Killara Feedlot is also a member of the Australian Lot Feeders Association.

Cooking Suggestions

1: Brush each side of the steak with oil, season with salt and pepper

2: Place steak in pre heated pan (pan should be moderately hot)

3: Cook on one side until the first sign of moisture appears, Turn steak only once

4: Cook to preferred degree – test with tongs – rare is soft, medium feels springy and well done is very firm.

5: Enjoy

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My parents really enjoyed this meat when I cooked it last night

150****8902 23 Apr 01:57 PM

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Australian Wagyu - Bone In Striploin MBS 4-5

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